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TP Free Agent Registry (FAR)

Are you a player looking for a USTA or other team or league?

Are you a team captain looking for a person to fill out your roster?

Are you just looking for someone to hit with?

The Free Agent Registry (FAR)
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to the Free Agent Registry provides the Free Agent Registry (FAR) of tennis players in the Greater Pensacola area as a service to the local tennis community.

It allows players to make themselves available to various Local and USTA league captains - and allows local and USTA league captains to locate players who might fit on their teams. It also allows players to indicate their willingness to get out and just hit with other players.

The Greater Pensacola Tennis Community (GPTC) Registry ProjectIf you would like to get listed in the FAR, you must first have a profile posted in the TP Greater Pensacola Tennis Community (GPTC) Registry. The GPTC is also a free service provided by Once you have registered a GPTC Profile, you will use your GPTC Number (or User-id) and GPTC Password to join and access FAR.
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Please Note: If you've already registered a profile - like when joining an association or registering for an event - you're probably already in the GPTC Registry...

 You DO NOT need to register a second GPTC profile. 

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Dr. Kim Jernigan - Pensacola Family Dental Associates

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