Brian Sakey, Tennis Pro in Gulf Breeze (Pensacola), Fl.
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Brian Sakey

Brian Sakey - Tennis Pro in Gulf Breeze, FL - NW Florida
Get QRcode for Brian's Contact Info To Schedule Lessons Call: 850~572~4860

Club Affiliation: Roger Scott Tennis Center

Private Lessons: $50/hr

Certifications: USPTA 1

Coaching Specialties: "I enjoy teaching and working with all levels and ages of tennis players. Fun and improvement are the goals for me as a teacher, as I make each lesson the highlight of your day."

Brian's Best Shot: A Winner ;-)

Brian's favorite shot to teach: Volley

Brian's Tennis Philosophy: "Work hard and do extra with your preparation, and you will be rewarded with good results. I believe and teach an attacking type game when the opportunity presents itself by going after the weakness on the other side of the net. Lean forward, always being ready to step in to every ball, and your best tennis will always be played by playing on your front foot. Three of my best friends in the Juniors in Australia went on to win grand slam events, so anything is possible."

Did you know? Brian played four terrific years at the University of Arkansas, playing #1 singles and doubles, and leading his team to the top 20 in the nation for two years. Brian is second to none at running tennis tournaments and other events! That Brian enjoys bringing people together for the friendship and love of the game is obvious to all. He's contributed much to the Juniors program in Pensacola because of his belief that tennis is a great confidence and character builder. For Brian, being a part of Juniors players' tennis is a very special feeling.

Tips from Brian:
  • Become Smart
    ... there is always a strength
    and weakness
    ... (read more)
  • Pro Tennis Lookout
    ... The recent Aussie often was a showcase of young talent playing unbelievable tennis on the mens side. ... (read more)
Brian Sakey and sons Ross and Brock - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
Brian with sons Ross and Brock

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