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Paul Einhart

Paul Einhart - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
Get QRcode for Paul's Contact Info To Schedule Lessons Call:
  • 850~712~4246 or
  • RSTC 850~912~4103
Other Contacts:
  • Email:pro email contact
Club Affiliation: Roger Scott Tennis Center

Private Lessons: $53 / hour

Certification: USPTA Certified Professional 2

Coaching Specialties: "I will teach any lesson for any player of either gender at any level. I really enjoy getting a fresh beginning player and seeing them progress. So anyone can BRING IT ON and come have some fun."

Paul's Best Shot: Topspin forehand

Paul's favorite shot to teach: The serve

Did you know? Paul is a past President of the Pensacola Junior Tennis Association.
USTA: Local, Distict, Regional, & State Champ in various levels and leagues

Tips from Paul:
  • The Basics Of A Great Serve
    Paul offers 4 points on which to focus for developing a great serve. ... (read more)

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