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Rita Dotson

Rita Dotson - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida
Get QRcode for Rita's Contact Info To Schedule Lessons Call: 850~380~5458

Other Contacts:
  • Email:pro email contact
Club Affiliation: Roger Scott Tennis Center - Director: 10 & Under Tennis

Private Lessons: $53/hr.
Doubles Strategy: $80/hr. (with 2 pros)

Certifiation: PTR Certified Professional 1996

Coaching Specialties: Doubles strategy and private lessons on shot technique

Rita's Best Shot: Buggy-whip forehand - certainly Rita's favorite shot! :-)

Rita's favorite shot to teach: The serve

Rita's Tennis Philosophy: There are two major factors under your control (on the tennis court and in LIFE): Attitude and Effort - A positive attitude whether winning or losing, and honest-to-goodness effort will take you many places.

Did you know? Rita and her partner, Alison Pfeiffler, have a Women's 40s Doubles National Ranking of 24.

Rita has won the 2013 USTA 10 & Under Tennis Award and the 2016 USPTA District Pro of the Year Florida Division (District 1)

Rita is the Director of Tennis-4-Everyone, a non-profit organization that provides free tennis instruction to inner-city youth. Please contact Rita for more information about supporting this wonderful program with your financial contribution or by volunteering your time and talents. Or, you can visit "Stuff We LOVE" to learn more about Tennis-4-Everyone.

Tips from Rita:
  • Daily Doubles - Doubles Strategy 101
    Most points begin with the one up/one back formation. Let's talk about "job descriptions" for the serving team and the returning team. ... (read more)
  • Daily Doubles II: How to move together in the "one-up/one-back" formation
    The two baseliners(server,returner) are basically playing cross-court singles. ... The critical movement is done by the opposing net players. ... (read more)
Rita Dotson - Tennis Pro in Pensacola, FL - NW Florida

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