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Please help us support the USTA Florida

Please help us support the USTA

Dr. Kim Jernigan - Pensacola Family Dental Associates
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Back Be Nimble - advertizer on Back Be Nimble
Back Be Nimble provides a very wide range of therapeutic and pain relief products which benefit tennis players of all levels.
hav.Software - Pensacola, FL hav.Software
Open source, Commercial and Custom Software Development, Outsource and Consultation for Project Management, Scientific Applications, Internet Applications, Website Hosting & Colo, E-Commerce, Database Design and Quality Deployment.
Carriage Hills Garden Apartments - beautiful family apartments in Pensacola, Fl. Carriage Hills Garden Apartments
Carriage Hills Apartments in Pensacola FL exemplify the traditional comfort and convenience of Pensacola apartment living. Nicely landscaped courtyards, comfortable floor plans, and knowledgeable staff offer residents an easy, pleasant place to live... a place to call home. Twenty acres of quiet, shaded grounds provide a peaceful setting for morning walks and evening strolls. A large playground hosts families enjoying a summer afternoon with their children. A sparkling pool and clubhouse come alive with birthday parties, engagement dinners, and other special events.
Phone: 850~944~5557 or 800~787~8655
2355 West Michigan Avenue, Pensacola, FL 32526
Kim Jernigan DDS - advertizer on Dr. Kim Jernigan - Pensacola Family Dental Associates
Visit Dr. Kim Jernigan for great general dentistry for the entire family. Among her other accomplishments, Kim is the first female president of the Florida Dental Association. Ask Kicker about Dr. Kim!
Phone: 850~434~5247
3298 Summit Blvd.
Pace Area Tennis Association in Pace, FL Pace Area Tennis Association
PATA is a non-profit organization made up of tennis enthusiasts who want to bring Tennis to Pace, Florida and the surrounding communities of Santa Rosa County.
Over 50 but Under The Hill League - senior men's tennis league at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola., FL Under The Hill League
The Over 50 but Under The Hill League is a senior men's tennis league that plays at Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola, FL. It is open to all men who are - or will turn - 50 during a season.

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Dr. Kim Jernigan - Pensacola Family Dental Associates

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